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The Postal Service has a unique internal bid protest process, under which challenges to a procurement or award decision are called “disagreements.”  The disagreement process is one of the few procurement rules that the Postal Service has issued as a formal regulation, and can be found at 39 CFR § 601.107 – 108.  All of the SDRO decisions can be found here.


Strict deadlines apply to the disagreement process. If you are challenging the terms of a solicitation, your disagreement must be filed before offers are due.  If you are challenging an award, your disagreement must be lodged within 10 calendar days of notice of award, or within 10 calendar days of a debriefing. The initial disagreement must be lodged with the contracting officer, who has 10 calendar days to issue a decision.  If the CO’s decision does not resolve the matter to your satisfaction, or is not issued, you have 10 days from when the decision was issued (or should have been) to lodge the disagreement with the USPS Supplier Disagreement Resolution Official (the SDRO). Below are copies of a few SDRO decisions where the contractor’s disagreement was sustained.

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